Motorcycle Insurance

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    Motorcycle Insurance In California

    When it comes to motorcycles, are you a novice or seasoned pro? Do you prefer cruisers, sport bikes, or do you only ride custom? Whoever you are and whatever you ride – Bridge Bay Insurance has the ability to insure almost any bike on the road today including assembled/kit, vintage, custom bikes, limited edition cruisers and trikes. And trust us when we say that we know how nice and refreshing a back country, ‘wind in your face’ kind of ride can be. So, considering that we work with a number of different insurance carriers – we’re pretty sure your experience will be equally as breezy and pleasurable.

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    We want to let you know that not all California motorcycle insurance policies are the same. With Bridge Bay Insurance, we can get you any number of benefits from the companies we work with and a number of discounts to make sure your premiums are manageable within your current lifestyle. Riding enthusiasts from Stockton, Modesto and all around California have discovered how Bridge Bay Insurance can help with motorcycle insurance for California riders. So, if you are you looking for the best motorcycle insurance California has to offer, give us a call and we’ll give you the details.

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    Optional Coverages

    The State of California does not require you to carry, but we offer:
    ~Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance~
    ~No Fault Insurance (California is a no-fault State)~
    ~Personal Injury Protection or PIP~

    California SR-22 Requirements

    SR-22 is a document that is required to be filed with a state's DMV as proof that the minimum liability coverage for the state is being carried. Not everyone needs an SR-22 filing. SR-22s are typically required for a driver to reinstate their driving privileges after an offense such as a DUI conviction, uninsured auto accident, or driving without proof of insurance.

    California currently requires an SR-22 filing to reinstate a driver's license.

    California DUI Laws

    For the first DUI offense in the State of California, you will face the following maximum penalties:
    •4 days to 6 months imprisonment
    • $390 to $1000 fine(s)
    • 6-month license suspension
    • Possible court-ordered installation ignition interlock device at the expense of the DUI offender
    • Successful completion of Driving Under the Influence Program
    • SR-22 required for restricted license