Does My Home Policy Cover An Earthquake?

No, unless you have purchased the Earthquake endorsement on the policy. It is not automatically covered on your Home policy and it will require possibly a 3% or 5% Deductible that you must pay first.

How Do I Cover A Piece Of Jewelry That Is Considered High Value?

First, you need to provide us with a recent (12 months) appraisal from a jewelry appraiser. We can use that appraisal to schedule the item on your Home, Condo, or even a Renter’s policy.

Does My Home Insurance Cover Flood?

No, a Flood defined by FEMA will not be covered by your regular Home Insurance policy. We do offer Flood Insurance for you if you are in a special flood zone. You may still want to purchase Flood insurance even if you are not in a High risk area because over 50% of all claims occur in areas that are not considered high risk.

What Kinds Of Things Are Covered Under California Homeowner’s Insurance “Optional Coverage”?

Jewelry, Collections, Guns

Valuables can be covered against loss from fire, theft or mysterious disappearance. In most cases appraisals are needed but this effort is minimal compared to the loss when no coverage exists.

Sewer and Drain Back Up

When sewer or drain problems arise multiple problems occur and there is no time to waste trying to figure out how to pay for expensive water damage. Sewer and drain back up coverage provides money to repair the damage quickly. No homeowner should be without this valuable protection.

Mechanical Breakdown

Some policies will offer assistance when your household appliances breakdown. If your dishwasher, HVAC unit or your refrigerator or any other household appliance breaks down there is a chance that your homeowners’ policy may provide coverage. There are stipulations and the coverage should not be confused or used in place of a warranty.

My Appraisal Gives Me One Value And My Tax Assessment Another, Which One Is Right?

There is a good chance that both are wrong for insurance purposes. Your California homeowners’ policy should be based on replacement cost. If your home burns down, you are still in the same school district with the same water view and your landscaping is still in place. There is no need to consider the value of these features, which drive the value of your home when determining the replacement cost of your home.

With the right amount of Homeowners insurance in place you and your family can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that a catastrophe will not devastate you financially. Not only will your home be rebuilt but your policy will also provide many other benefits such as money for a place to live while the rebuilding is taking place.

On What do I Base The Amount That I Insure My Home For?

Homeowners insurance should be purchased based on how much it will cost to rebuild your home.If you have a mortgage your lender requires this coverage to be in place to protect their interest in the property.Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about purchasing home insurance in California.